Chopping Bad


Latest build: 23.05.2015

The story

At around WW2 people were constantly looking for new ways of making income. In the deep forests of Siberia, there lied a huge treasure. Only few people realised that they could make serious amount of money by selling some wood and if skilled enough one could even enhance a product and make it better than the rest.

And so began the fierce competition of chopping business. Many parties were involved. Some tried to work together but in the end it got bloody.

This mod tells a story about two guys, Hösenberg and Lassie, who got involved in the wrong side of the business.

Very loosely based on the Breaking Bad tv-series :)


  1. Download the zip
  2. Extract the content of the zip to the S3-folder
  3. Start a new game with Chopping Bad enabled

Some screenshots